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  • Audace Lunettes

    Audace Lunettes is a premier Canadian distributor of international and boutique eyewear brands from France, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands. We feature innovative technology, trend setting designs and creative, vibrant colour palettes making Audace Lunettes a leader in international boutique eyewear. Our top brands include Dilem (FR) - offering customizing technology; Sasura (IT) representing a perfect blend of femininity and elegance with an interplay of Italian design and alluring changeable jewels; and Carolyn Abram (FR) - Silmo D'Or winner featuring exquisite French styling and enticing colour combinations. Our extensive portfolio also includes Oxibis (FR), Exalto (FR), Lamarca (IT) , Roger (NL), Dutz (Holland) and Jisco (SP) which all embody quality, style and outstanding craftsmanship.