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ZEISS is launching a new Progressive Portfolio

ZEISS is launching a new Progressive Portfolio The world is undergoing a process of rapid change and our vision needs are changing accordingly. However, our eyes do not evolve as quickly. From the leader in precision optics comes a new approach in solving these patients’ needs.

ZEISS is excited to launch its new ZEISS Progressive Lens portfolio, which addresses trends and patients’ challenges in today’s world. Over the past few years the use of computers, mobile phones and tablets has become integral to our business and personal lives. In 2014 we launched ZEISS Digital Lens with an extra power boost for single vision wearers, making it easier for them to view their digital devices all day, every day. Now, with the launch of the ZEISS Precision portfolio, we offer a solution for progressive lens wearers who use digital devices frequently. New Digital Inside™ Technology is embedded in the entire Precision portfolio to provide sharp, strain-free digital device viewing as part of an outstanding all-day, all-distance vision experience. Additional visual refinements are included in the higher tiers of the portfolio, all the way to lifestyle customization. All new ZEISS Progressive Lenses are freeform customized designs and are available in a wide variety of lens materials and extensive Rx Ranges.

We are excited to also introduce 1.6 Polarized with this launch. All lenses come standard with our premium ZEISS anti-reflective coatings and are also available with i.Scription by ZEISS. The new ZEISS Portfolio enables our customers to demonstrate a true personalized approach to patient care and differentiate themselves from their competition. For more information, please visit or contact us at 1-800-268-6489.