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Turning a Negative Review Into a Positive

Online reviews are a way of business these days and we need to not only be actively requesting reviews from our customers, we need to be prepared when we receive a review that is not positive.

Your current and potential customers are online everyday, searching for eyecare and eyewear providers.

Reviews play a huge role in convincing people to try a new business or return to a business they know. We know to look at not only how many reviews a business has, which makes us automatically think they are amazing if they have a lot of reviews, but we look for that telltale score.Many of us won’t even consider a business that does not rate somewhere between 4.0 to 5.0. 

So now that you know how important reviews are, what do you do when you receive a not-so-positive review? It’s not only important from an online exposure perspective, but also from an internal team perspective. We all take it personally when someone jumps on us online and tells everyone how awful we are. It hurts our feelings, our pride and our productivity.

The good news is, when handled properly, not only is it possible to turn the experience around for the customer but it’s also possible to use this experience to improve your in-office experiences.



Respond immediately

Customers expect a quick response to their review. The longer it takes, the less likely they are to forgive the situation. In a recent Google review study, 63 per cent of customers say a business has never responded to their review.

Take if offline

Don’t try to fix the problem online; it might just make it worse. Apologize and ask them if you can contact them right away to fix the problem.

Follow up and make it right

When you fix a situation gone bad, you can turn an upset customer into an office advocate. In fact, in another study by the Retail Consumer Report, of those who had a negative experience fixed: 33 per cent turned around and posted a positive review; 34 per cent deleted their original negative review.


Use the review as a staff training tool

Staff hate reviews, but you can spin this into a positive by highlighting and discussing both negative and positive reviews when they happen. Also, take the opportunity to reward and incentivize positive reviews so there is a bonus when good things happen in the office.



Building and maintaining a high-level reputation online is just good business and should be part of your ongoing focus. Customers are going to continue to look at online information to make business decisions. Ensure what they find about your business online shows you care even when things go wrong.