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Tips for eyecare job seekers

Whether you have just graduated and are looking for your first job in the eyecare industry or are a seasoned veteran wanting a change, there are some important tips to make your job hunting more effective. 

Tip 1:
Where to look? The Internet is still the best place to start your job search. Go to Google, type in the job title and location to narrow the search to your targeted area. Example: Optician – Mississauga. What you are going to see come up in the search are some ads and organic listings. Almost all of the listings will get you to job postings. Some large boards will get you a listing of jobs they are indexing from across the country like Indeed. Eyecare niche job sites like Jobs4ECPs will give you listings of jobs only in the eyecare industry. Also consider looking at other industry resources for postings like the classified section on and the provincial opticians or optometrists association job posting portals. To really see all the jobs available, you need to look on as many sites as possible.
Tip 2:
Create a great resume I can’t stress this enough. If you want to land a great job, start by creating a great resume. There are so many free templates out there that walk you through what you need to write and where. It is plug-and-play as far as the set-up, design and required text, but you will need to come up with the content. Think like a business owner. What would you want to hear in order to consider hiring you? This resume literally took me 10 minutes to create from a FREE template in Microsoft office.

Tip 3:
Create a cover letter This allows you to personalize the first words the employer is going to read and show that you have done some research on their company. Employers like that. They want to see that you are truly interested in a job with them and that you have taken the time to learn a bit more about them from their website or social media.

Tip 4:
Build a LinkedIn Profile LinkedIn is your online resume. It is available 24/7 to show prospective employers and recruiters your experience, skills and qualifications. Most people don’t use LinkedIn to its full advantage. Fill out your entire profile, include an updated professional picture (not a selfie) and take the time to upload a digital header. Make your LinkedIn profile look amazing and people will pay attention. Bonus on LinkedIn, you can connect to employers you want to work for by searching for their profiles and asking to connect. Last note: employers who are looking to hire are usually needing someone quickly. Be quick to answer on e-mail or text. Be available and flexible for an interview and be prepared for questions about yourself, work history and work ethic. Happy job hunting!