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Building campaigns that drive traffic

Marketing is about driving awareness and interest in your brand.

Promotional campaigns play a huge role in your marketing. The purpose of a promotion is to inform customers, increase demand and differentiate your brand from others, according to Contemporary Marketing.
Equally important is the execution efforts of the promotion – how do I get my potential customers to see it?

There are three rules to keep in mind when planning your promotional activity:

1. Follow Your Objectives Businesses often plan promotions without paying attention to their business goals and objectives. For example, if your goal is to fill your schedule then you need booked appointments. Your entire promotional campaign should be focused on driving the message to patients to book appointments. Not a sunglass sale or a dry eye campaign, but “Book Appointment Today.”

2. Messaging is Key Use clear and concise messaging. The promotions that do the best have well thought out headlines (example: “Get an Eye Exam This Week!”) and an easy to understand call to action (example: “Book Your Appointment Now”).

3. Keep it Simple Don’t try to say too much in your promotional campaign. Keep it simple with as little text as possible to get the concept across. Campaigns with great images or video do much better than just text ads. Find a great graphic designer who will help you build beautiful ads with branding that matches your office branding.

Ok so now you have built a great campaign, how do you get people to notice it?

Digital Marketing
The best way to get a lot of people in your geography to see your promotion is through digital marketing. Here are several ways to use digital marketing:
  • Put a pop-up banner on your website and list it on your promotions page of your website;
  • Social media is a great way to get your audience to see your campaign. Post on all social channels including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. On Facebook you can add an event if you are running a promotion that has a start and end date such as a sunglass sale;
  • Social advertising is also a crucial part of making your ads stand out on social media. On Facebook, you can boost posts to ensure they are getting some eyes on them and you can also do a Facebook ad that can be geo-targeted to your community. That ad then is sponsored on Instagram as well;
  • Google display ads and remarketing are additional digital methods of targeting your ideal clients. It’s important to take the time to learn how to do this properly or get some professional expertise;
  • Email marketing is still a smart strategy to engage the patients you already have in your database. Have a graphic designer build you an email template at the same time they are building the promotional campaign;
  • Text messaging or SMS, send out a simple text of what your promotion is, with a call to action. 
Traditional Marketing
Traditional methods still have some effectiveness, but you tend to be marketing to the people who are already coming into or contacting the business.

These include in-office POP such as posters, flyers, counter cards as well as on hold messaging, newspaper and radio ads.​

We’re also seeing offices utilize in-office digital advertising on waiting room TVs, computer screensavers and digital advertising screens to get campaigns some focus in the office. Traditional marketing works great to drive in-office activity such as sunglasses, contact lenses or eyewear promotions.​

Last note: For any promotional campaign to work to its best potential, you need to find as many outlets as possible to have as many people see it as often as you can. ​

Happy advertising! OP