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20 Things That Drive Your Employees Crazy

I run my own business, so I know that my expectations of what my employees will complete in a day of work is set high because I am a workaholic.

I constantly have to adjust my view so that I understand they don’t want to work nine to 10 hours a day or answer emails on the weekend. Are you setting your sights too high?

Employees tell us all the time that managers do things that drive them crazy.

I know what you’re thinking…not me? My staff love me. I treat them like gold and give them everything they want. Well, read through this fun list of the 20 things that drive employees crazy and see if any ring a bell:

1. Show up late for work but expect your staff to be on time.
2. Take off early on Fridays.
3. Don’t work nights or weekends but expect everyone else to.
4. Thank one person for working extra but not everyone.
5. Forget to say Good Morning.
6. Spend too much time in the exam room even if there are no appointments.
7. Give constructive criticism in front of other staff.
8. Tell two people to do the same task.
9. Not giving enough direction but being upset with the outcome.
10. Hold staff meetings that are not organized or have an agenda.
11. Miss work anniversaries or birthdays.
12. Not taking the time to truly talk and listen to employees.
13. Not asking for feedback and suggestions on improving the business.
14. Call or email at home on their day off.
15. Show favoritism to one or more employees leaving others feeling inadequate.
16. Not hiring enough employees so the ones that are there feel stressed and overworked.
17. Micromanaging…not giving autonomy to do their job.
18. Being indecisive and not giving them answers when needed.
19. Fluctuating standards for every employee and role.
20. Disorganized…you can’t get yourself organized and it is affecting their jobs and tasks.

Ok, we can’t all be the perfect leader but we can look at this list and try to improve where we can. Listen to your employees. Find ways to involve them in decisions regarding the business. Walk the talk – lead by example. Treat employees well…it sets the stage for how they will treat your patients.

Last note…today take the time to tell each employee one thing you appreciate about them and watch them smile for the rest of the day.