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  • Synergy on the Sunshine Coast

    InSightful Visions Corporation
    Dec 27, 2018

    Seeking a forward-thinking OD to complement our independent optical. This centrally located office has been served by optometrists for over 10 years.

    The optometric suite has been newly re-designed with a secondary exam room to coordinate the patient flow from intake to pre-test to examination, to specialty diagnostic testing in our 3200 square foot office.

    You can start by seeing patients 2-3 full days a week with our established and steadily growing cliental base of over 7500, in your customized examination room. Streamlined and equipped with a Nidek RT-5100 digital phoropter along with a Haig Strait 900 series slit lamp sitting on a fully powered Reliance chair.

    We have a great rapport with the Coast’s 2-physician ophthalmology practice and the other primary care physicians and complementary, integrative and alternative medicine practitioners utilized by our local demographic.

    If you are looking to facilitate a change in 2019 and would like to explore this modality of practice and explore what will work for you, please contact us by email for a confidential inquiry.
    [email protected]